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racefood fast bar

High energy endurance food.

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Slow release everyday energy food.

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Coming Soon - racefood Strong bar

High protein real food muscle maintenance & repair.

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Why should you try racefood?
What is Racefood? Racefood is a Nougat bar handmade in the same kitchen you’ll find Wedgewood Nougat. Using the same fine ingredients, these cran...

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Trail Blazers

Adventurous souls enjoying life


Tracy Zunckel
There are two kinds of athletes in the world. The ones that prime themselves for success by training hard, prioritising nutrition and focusing on winn...

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Andy does it again… Well done!!!
Well done to Andy Birkett and Greg Louw for pulling off a stunning victory in the two day Breede River Canoe Marathon that decided the SA K2 River Mar...

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