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Dates (23%), Butter (cream (milk), salt), Sugar, Dried Cranberries (13%0 [cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil (sunflower seed)], Wheat Flour (gluten), Egg Yolk Powder, Maize Starch, Salt. May contain Tree nuts, Peanuts, Soya and Sesame. Contains : Egg, Cow's Milk, Wheat, Gluten.

Natural benefits :

Why are Eggs good for you according to the experts?

Eggs are

    • Very low in calories


    • A beneficial source of healthy fats (saturated fat)


    • A good source of high quality protein


    • Supportive of muscle growth & recovery

Egg White is

    • Fat free


    • Cholesterol free


    • Ideal natural protein


    • High protein source


    • Low calories


Why are Dates good for you according to the experts?


    • They are high in carbohydrate (ie: 18g carb / 24g)


    • Contains B6, which is important for your mood


    • Contains potassium which has shown to be effective in helping the body to retain fluids, improving post exercise recovery and hydration as well as replacing one of the major electrolytes lost in sweat


    • Important for nervous and muscle function, ability to affect the acid-base balance


    • Contains magnesium which activates over 300 enzymes in the body, including those involved in energy production, important for muscle function, nervous system function too


    • Contains iron, vitamins A & K as well as carotenes such as lutein and zeaxanthan


Why are Cranberries good for you according to the experts?


    • Assists in UTI prevention


    • Rich in Vitamin C


    • Helps reduce cholesterol


    • Strengthens immune system


    • Rich source of anti-oxidants


    • Assists in reducing muscle spasm


    • Assists in healthy functioning of the kidneys & bladder