Racefood’s COVID-19 Battle Plan

We would like to share with you what the Racefood Team is doing to serve its South African community at this time.

  • As a food manufacturing business, the Racefood factory remain open to essential production staff. We continue to protect our staff and our customers through our implementation of advanced Convid-19 protocols.
  • The Racefood Team has donated hundreds of boxes of Racefood Nutrition bars to local hospitals and care homes in our area, to help sustain and raise the spirits of our heroic frontline health-care workers.

The Racefood Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the healthcare workers, bakers, makers, farmers and essential service teams around the country, who are putting themselves on the frontline during this crisis, to ensure that our health service and our country’s food and medicine supply chains remain open.

Stay safe, stay positive!

The Racefood Team