The ultimate core workout

Have you been keeping your core strength up during lockdown?

Trailblazer and extreme obstacle course racer & instructor Jan De Beer has developed the ultimate core workout – all done in your garden or lounge!

Give it a bash and let us know how you go..

Perform your reps in a pyramid format (10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6, 4, 6, 6, 8, 8, 10, 10)

Remember to keep your focus on your core and abs the whole time.

1.Start with a 7 min warm up of your choice (stretching, running on the spot, star jumps etc.)

2. Cross over V-ups:

  • Start with lying straight on the ground

  • Alternate left arm to right leg, keeping your legs straight the whole time and your arm & abs in a crunch manoeuvre

  • Perform exercise with right arm/left leg

3. Straight leg crunches

  • Start in a half sit up position

  • Alternate left elbow to right knee

  • Alternate right elbow to left knee

4. Pushup to ankle touch pike

  • Start off in a straight arm plank position

  • Alternate reaching your right hand to your left ankle, keeping both your arms and legs straight the whole time

  • Complete the exercise on the other side

5. 30 second sit up hold with punches

6. Stretch hip flexors and abs for your cooldown

Epic toddler home workout

Got kids? Trying to work from home? Are they driving you crazy?

Here is a fun workout to keep your little one healthy, active and out of your hair!

We find the best way to get the little tods motivated, is to play their favourite songs for the duration of that exercise. Some firm favourites:

  • Baby Shark (we know, we know!)
  • The Party Freeze Dance song
  • Five little ducks
  • If you’re happy and you know it
  • Can’t stop the feeling

The list goes on!

So we have kept the toddlers workout regime short and sweet, as we all know their attention span is all of 5 minutes. So here we go!


Start with some warm up stretches, no one likes to injure themselves doing a home workout! 1 min of full body stretching should do the trick.







Next up we have got some sprints to get those little legs moving. 2 min or the length of ‘Baby Shark’ should be enough (and enough for mom and dad!)







Star jumps up next! A few minutes of star jumps will definitely be enough to tire the little guys out.








By now, if they haven’t lost total interest in your activity schedule, reward them with a Racefood Farbar and let them choose their next activity (the toddlers we know love to go bike riding, even if it is a few laps around the garden on their push bike!)

Let us know how you get on, we would love to see your pics!